1. Our Tokens

Anything tagged with [~~] is a work in progress and is subject to change.

xSilver Scale - xSSC

Contract Address:
xSSC is a temporary and illiquid token (not backed by real money) that will later be replaced by $SSC. The purpose of xSSC is to REWARD early adopters that have joined the dragon family and have been supporting us since day one.
xSSC has a temporary supply of 3M tokens total, giving us a runway of one year of rewards until we are ready to release our token utility tokens and a stable version of our P2E game.
  • 2,500,000 xSSC are reserved for the staking rewards pool.
  • 500,000 xSSC are reserved for airdrops & contest giveaways/marketing.
  • It will be possible to swap your xSSC for $SSC in the near future at an exchange rate (rate TBD).
  • Anyone minting a dragon in the OG collection(full 5555 supply) is considered an OG and/or early dragon.
  • There will be many more utilities along the way, you won’t have to wait a year for the next utility!

Silver Scale - $SSC

Status: NOT RELEASED - Development WIP (Work in progress)
$SSC will be our in-game currency. You can earn SSC by playing the game, completing challenges and participating in tournaments.
All Powerful Dragons(OG collection) holders will continue to earn $SSC via our special staking mechanism designed for early dragons only.
~~ $SSC will be used to trade for items on our marketplace, open loot boxes, upgrade your dragon levels & skills.
~~ There might be the possibility of swapping a large amount of $SSC to $GSC (Gold Scales).

Gold Scale - $GSC

Status: NOT RELEASED - Development WIP (Work in progress)
The Gold Scale token will be our main token that holds value. This token will have financial backing and liquidity on a DEX.
~~ $GSC will not be earned directly from the game. You will earn more $GSC & $SSC by staking your tokens for an APR on a chosen locked period.
~~ $GSC will also be used for trading NFTs, items, and much more on our marketplace.
  • TBD: We are planning on another utility where you can stake your dragon NFTs to earn a higher APR.
  • More details will be published in the near future.