2. Staking

Anything tagged with [~~] is a work in progress and is subject to change.


We have learnt how much time it takes to design and develop a fully functional P2E game. There will be an alpha testing, sooner rather than later, which all early dragons will have the opportunity to take part in. But we want to emphasize that a good game takes time, especially for a still growing team like ours. Hence the reason we want to bring many utilities to our dragons leading up to the P2E release.

Staking Platform

Status: BETA RELEASED(v2.0.0-beta) on the 21st of May 2022
Stake NFT | Powerful Dragons
Link to staking dapp.
Our NFT staking platform is specifically built to maximize Powerful Dragons NFTs, the first of many more utilities to come! Its main objective is to start rewarding early adopters that have joined the dragon family. By staking your Dragons, you will begin to generate xSilver Scale(xSSC) which is a representation of our future in-game currency Silver Scales($SSC).
Earn 1 xSSC per day, per NFT staked. This is the base reward staked NFTs will be earning, we will raise the rates from time to time to reward community actions.
More info on our tokens: 1. Our Tokens

"Why would I want these tokens?"

Silver Scales will be the in-game currency as well as one of the currencies to trade NFTs and items on our marketplace.
~~ The use case for these tokens will be as follows (more info will be added as we continue to develop our game/tokenomics):
  • ~~ Staking
  • ~~ Reward token
  • ~~ Trading NFT & items
  • ~~ Unlocking/upgrading skills or items
  • ~~ Opening of lootboxes (contain items to be used in-game or traded on the marketplace).

Contests & Giveaways

Contests and giveaways will be held to give further opportunities to our holders to win xSSC, in more significant amounts. We are keeping track of new mints coming post staking launch, as well as Dragons staked. These addresses will be eligible for more contests and giveaways, and may even be eligible to win greater amounts of xSSC. We will make our most to reward those who stay up to date with the project and give us their constant support.
Stay tuned on our Discord & Twitter to not miss contests and giveaways.
There are 500,000 xSilver Scales reserved for airdrops and giveaways!
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