3. FAQ
Why is it important to stake my Dragon?
What is xSSC?
Will the swap from xSilver Scale to Silver Scale be 1 to 1?
Where do I stake my Dragon NFT?
How do I stake?
I am on mobile, how do I stake?
I don’t see my dragon in my wallet after staking, why?
How much xSilver Scale will I receive per dragon staked?
Will there be special occasions where I can earn more xSSC?
Can I stake multiple dragons at the same time?
What does ‘Staking Power’ mean on the dAPP?
What does ‘Total Rewards’ mean on the dAPP?
Why does it say 1.1 xSilver Scale per day on the dAPP?
Does unstaking my dragon automatically claim the rewards?
I am having issues interacting with the dAPP, what can I do?
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