3. FAQ

Why is it important to stake my Dragon?
Start earning xSilver Scale, our multi-purpose token used in our upcoming game and also on the marketplace.
More info on: 1. Our Tokens
What is xSSC?
It is a temporary and illiquid token that will be replaced by $SSC at an exchange rate. $SSC will be valuable in-game and on the marketplace.
Will the swap from xSilver Scale to Silver Scale be 1 to 1?
This will depend on our tokenomics that is still being worked on. A sustainable tokenomics for P2E takes thorough research, analysis, and development. That is why it takes time and we cannot say much about it until we are 100% certain of the mechanics. No matter what the exchange rate will be, we will make sure that early dragons are generously rewarded and have a starting edge.
Where do I stake my Dragon NFT?
Head over to our dAPP: STAKE MY NFT
How do I stake?
Follow the steps mentioned here: 5. How to Stake NFT
I am on mobile, how do I stake?
You have to specifically use the browser provided on the Metamask mobile app. Make sure you are on the Fantom network.
  1. 2.
    Connect your wallet and approve.
  2. 3.
    Select your dragons and stake.
  3. 4.
    Pay the gas fee and you’re good to go!
I don’t see my dragon in my wallet after staking, why?
When you stake your dragon, it is transferred to the staking smart contract so it can start generating rewards. Unstaking the dragon will automatically send it back to your wallet. In any case, you remain the owner.
Staking an NFT is a two-step process:
  • Approving means that you are allowing custody to the staking smart contract to safe keep your NFT.
  • Staking means in exchange for custody, the smart contract will reward you a certain amount of token per day.
How much xSilver Scale will I receive per dragon staked?
Earn 1 xSSC per day, per NFT staked.
Will there be special occasions where I can earn more xSSC?
Yes, we will occasionally add multipliers to the amount earned. It can go up to 5x.
You will also be eligible to enter contests and giveaways to have a chance to win xSSC in more significant amounts.
Can I stake multiple dragons at the same time?
Yes, click on the ‘Stake Multiple’ button on the dAPP and select the dragons you want staked. There is also a ‘Select All’ button. You will then pay the gas fees for all selected dragons in one transaction.
More info on: 5. How to Stake NFT
What does ‘Staking Power’ mean on the dAPP?
Staking power is the total amount you earn per day depending on the number of dragons staked.
For example: If you stake 10 dragons, your staking power will be 10 x 1 = 10 xSSC/day.
What does ‘Total Rewards’ mean on the dAPP?
It is the total amount of xSSC accrued since the last time you claimed your rewards.
Why does it say 1.1 xSilver Scale per day on the dAPP?
The amount shown on the dAPP depends on the total block count produced on the Fantom blockchain per day. It has an estimated average of 70,000 daily blocks. Hence depending on the block count, the amount you earn may vary between 1 and 1.1 tokens.
PS: 1.1 is a number rounded up to 1 decimal place. Example: 1.06 will still show 1.1
Does unstaking my dragon automatically claim the rewards?
Yes it does! It automatically claims the rewards, that go to your wallet.
It claims only for the dragon(s) you unstake. For example: You have 5 dragons staked and after a day you have 5 xSSC in ‘Total Rewards’. Unstaking only 1 dragon will send 1 xSSC to your wallet and 4 will be shown in ‘Total Rewards’.
I am having issues interacting with the dAPP, what can I do?
Check out the 7. Troubleshootingpage for solving issues.
You may open a ticket from our support center on our Discord server: Discord Invite