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5. How to Stake NFT

The NFTs you hold will be listed under the "NOT STAKED" section. To stake an NFT you can either click/tap on the Stake button to stake a specific NFT or use the Select All button on the right and click Stake (#) button to stake all your NFTs at once.
You can multi-select specific NFTs using the Select button on each NFT card.

Approving & Staking

Staking an NFT is a two-step process:
  • Approving means that you are allowing custody to the staking smart contract to safe keep your NFT.
  • Staking means in exchange for custody, the smart contract will reward you a certain amount of token per day.
Completing both transactions will successfully stake your NFT! Please note that you pay gas fees for each NFT you are staking, but we did our best to optimize the cost to do so.
One of our biggest holders staked 67 NFTs in one transaction, he paid only 1.35FTM in total.

Successfully Staked

Congratulations 🎉 You can now earn our sweet xSilver Tokens! Your NFTs should move to the "STAKED" section.