7. Troubleshooting

I staked my dragon and the transaction was successful but it does not show on the dAPP, why?
  • Don’t worry! Give it some time and reload the page, it will show. It takes some time to propagate in the system and on the blockchain.
  • You may also try to click on the 'Disconnect' button on the top and connect again to see the changes. It may take some time to update. You can also try to clear cache.
  • We are working on fixing this bug.
Why don’t I see my dragons when I connect with WalletConnect?
WalletConnect is not working properly on the staking dAPP for now. You will have to use MetaMask until we can fix this issue.
I am trying to stake my NFTs but its not working!
Staking is a two-step process, please check 5. How to Stake NFT​
Why are transactions slow?
Approving & Staking speed is beyond our control, if the Fantom network is congested it will take more time to process transactions.
Why do I get this error: “Unable to fetch NFT & Unable to fetch staked NFT”?
Make sure that you are connected to the Fantom Opera Blockchain on your MetaMask(Desktop or Mobile - browser inside of MM), also make sure that you selected the correct address that owns the NFTs.
PS: If you are on mobile, you will have to specifically use the built-in browser in MetaMask app.
When staking, it is showing 0 gas fee! If MetaMask is showing 0 gas fee, initiate the transaction and wait for it to update.
You may try adjusting GWEI or try again at a later time when the network is less congested.